Join us at the Workhouse Brewfest for a day filled with beer, food & live music! We’ll have a dozen bands and performers, you’ll be sure to dance the day away! We will also have workshops, demos, and other fun how-to’s related to beer!


Big Hoax: Pubvilion Stage @ 12:00p


Virginia Man: Pubvilion Stage @ 1:15p


Wylder: Pubvilion Stage @ 2:30p


The Fives: Pubvilion Stage @ 4:00p


His Dream of Lions: Pubvilion Stage @ 5:30p


Practically Einstein: Pubvilion Stage @ 7:00p



Kevin Olson: Untapped Stage @ 1:00p


Nick Samuels: Untapped Stage @ 2:15p


Omar Teitelbaum: Untapped Stage @ 3:30p

Mary-eL: Untapped Stage @ 4:45p


Shane Gamble: Untapped Stage @ 6:00p


Scott Kurt: Untapped Stage @ 7:15p