The Workhouse Arts Foundation, in coordination with Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. are proud to present the Workhouse Brewfest at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.

As you may know, the Workhouse Brewfest couldn’t exist without the support of volunteers. We are looking for as many as 350 volunteers to join the Workhouse Brewfest “Brew Crew” to help in a variety of locations throughout the event.  Our Brew Crew will work all over the event in various roles to help support the Brewfest staff, leadership team supervisors, attendees and artists to ensure everyone is having an amazing experience.  As a Brew Crew member, you could be helping with admission, greeting attendees, assisting breweries with pouring and much more! For more information on the type of responsibilities and requirements to join the Brew Crew, please scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any additional questions or have issues with registration, please contact CFI INTERN AT INTERN EMAIL ADDRESS






Who can be on the Brew Crew?
Anyone that is at least 16 years old or older!  Volunteers MUST be 21 years or older for any volunteer position handling pouring of alcohol due to ABC regulations.


What are the shift times/hours?

Volunteer hours are broken into three shifts:

  • 11:30AM – 2:30PM
  • 2:30PM – 5:30PM
  • 5:30PM – 8:30PM


What are the types of Brew Crew responsibilities/jobs?
We know there may be desired positions, but there are no guarantee for requested areas so please be as flexible and open-minded as possible.  Brew Crew positions include:

  • Beer Pouring
  • ID checking and Wrist Banding
  • Ticket Selling and Scanning
  • Assisting with program areas, games, and other activities at the festival.


What benefits do I receive as a Brew Crew member?
Each volunteer will receive an admission ticket for the event, a snack/beverage coupon for each shift, a souvenir event tasting glass at the end of your shift and memories to last a lifetime! But wait, there’s more!

If you register to be a volunteer (for one of first two shifts) you will be able to purchase a ticket at the end of your shift for just $15 (a $30 discount!).  If you sign-up for the final shift of the day, you’ll instead be invited to join other volunteers at a private hour-long after-party. Last year’s after party was lots of fun, so this is a great way to end the day!




Can I enter the event early before my volunteer shift so I can enjoy the event?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow our volunteers to come before their shifts to enjoy the event.


Can I drink/taste any of the beers, wines or other alcohol beverages at the festival before, during or after my volunteer shift?
Due to ABC regulations, volunteers are prohibited from having any alcoholic beverages before or during their shifts. This will be strongly enforced.


Can I volunteer with a group?
Yes! If you have a group, organization or company that would like to volunteer together, please contact CFI INTERN NAME AND EMAIL for more information.


Can I receive credit for volunteer/community service hours?
Yes!  If you need volunteer credits for school, an organization, etc., you can e-mail the volunteer hour form Jackie Yin or bring it with you when you volunteer.  If you need a letter verifying your volunteer hours, please e-mail CFI INTERN AND EMAIL after the event is over. Please remember the response time will be delayed since we will be cleaning up everything from the event.


Where can I find information on parking, maps, Brew Crew job descriptions, and other general volunteer questions?
Coming Soon!  It will be located at the bottom of this page.


I have not received a confirmation packet or e-mail to confirm that I am on the Brew Crew. What do I do?
Do not worry! You are automatically confirmed to volunteer once you registered.


I need to cancel or change my shift. Should I call or e-mail to make the adjustment to my schedule?
Yes, just send a quick e-mail to CFI INTERN AT CFI EMAIL with your name and the adjustment you need to make to your volunteer shift.


The weather forecast said there is a chance of rain during the festival. Should I still come?
YES, PLEASE! We are a rain or shine event so please dress accordingly. We hope that the weather will be beautiful but you just never know.  The event will stay open and operate as normal even if there’s some rain in the forecast.


Do you provide a meal for volunteers that are working multiple shifts?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide full meals for our volunteers. We do give each volunteer a snack/beverage coupon for each 3-4 hour shift.  The snack items consist of chips, granola bars, and cookies. If you think you will be hungry during your 3-4 hour shift, please eat before you arrive or grab something quick during your 15 minute break in one of our food courts.


Brew Crew Confirmation Packet, Maps, Job Descriptions: